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     Saya Quetzalcoatl

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    Saya Quetzalcoatl
    Saya Quetzalcoatl

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    PostSubject: Saya Quetzalcoatl   Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:15 pm

    Birth Name: Raxos Kuro
    Hollow Aliases: Saya Quetzalcoatl/ The Missing One
    Gender: male
    Age: 2100
    Birth Date: February 7th, 1995
    Rank Status:Elite
    Cero Color: Orange
    Aspect of Death:  Pride
    Hollow Hole Location: Right in the middle of his throat where his adam apple should be.

    Appearance: Having always been 6'3 and weighing 250lb, Saya was always someone that stick out around others even though he try to hid himself in the world. Having a very pale shade of white skin color he seems to blend in with snow if he stood right next to it if he was given the chance, having the yellow eyes that seem to glow in the light many have told him that he seem to be looking right into people souls with those eyes even though he wasn't ever trying to do so. His hair seem to be very out of place with the rest of him as he it was bright green with bright red highlights that spiral about in the pony tail that goes down to the mid of his spine.  

    The clothing that Saya wears seem to be very different then most of the other people that he seems to be around most of the time; having a taste for anything black and mix with another color.  His shirt is something that almost looks like a strip jacket but with the belts remove form the shirt as they are all on his sleeves that go down to his elbow having the japanese symbol for dragon on his shirt it goes down all the way past his waist a bit before his pants appear. His pants are grey as with red chains warping around his hips locking at his back pocket.  

    His hollow hole is right in the middle of his neck as that where his chain was during his time as a soul, ripping it off he made his hole dead center of his throat.  He has three scars that are all over his body; one is on his chest going straight down, the second one is going over his right eye and down to his chin, and the third scar is going horizational down his back.  His hollow mask is the left side of his face and it looks like that face of the atzec god Quetzalcoatl.

    Personality:  Saya personal is somewhat different on who he talking to. If he talking to someone that is lower down on the scale he talks down upon them and make sure that he can make them remember where they stand in the hollow evolution chain; when he meets someone that is equal grounds with them he can be laid back with them as he can be himself around them; and when he talking to a higher up he holds the highest respect for them even though he does he hates talking to them in the first place.  But there is a cold sadistic side that starts to come out as he slowly starts to kill other hollows or other soul reaper that pulls him into a fight. Once he slips into this personality he forgets about everything that is going on around him and just sees only the one thing that is in front of him and that he knows that he must bring the end of it.  Once slowly coming out of this personality he realize that he had cause so much destruction and that he leaves before he can let it happen once more. But the one thing that he holds upward is his pride. When someone challenge his pride that when his personality becomes like someone complete different as seeing that his pride has been challenge he slowly starts to boast about what he has done over his years of being a hollow and how that no soul reaper has never bested him ever. But when it really comes down to it Saya personality really depends on who he talking to, who challenge him, or who is a higher up than him.

    Combat Style Overview

    Innate Ability: Saya has the power to control antimatter, but they way that he would use it is very different from other who have the power to control it. Saya uses it to do three different things with it,  holding out his hand forward and only in front of him makes a shield that only covers the front of his body when he has his palm out to the attack and can only make little ones appear over his wrist,which are able to take hits from moves that only do 50 and below. He makes a a full body barrier that completely covers his whole body and is able to block any level one kido/cero that comes from a low seat soul reaper and/or a normal hollow and it can take up to 80 damage.The third way that he uses the antimatter only in his Resurrección form, all the antimatter that he can make up and focus his reiatsu together to make a 10x10 sphere in the center of his palm, once the sphere is complete focus he fires it at the same speed that he would fire a cero that once it hits its target it implodes cover the target in black and purple goo, and the amount of damage that the orb does is 65.

       Level 2
       Level  2
       Level 3
       —Cero / Bala
       Level 2
       Level 3

    Once Upon A Time

    History: All Saya was the darkness and completely white smoke.....he was just killed moments ago just cause he was to prideful to back down from a challenge and he end up dead cause of his pride. Saya was a trouble child from the age of ten. Never backing down from any challenge that was throw his way and he took it on as he had gotten the name of being the prideful champion. The only reason why he was like this cause of the status of his family was in the town that he grow up in was a very poor house with little money coming into the house in the first place. The only way that Saya thought it he can make things better for himself was that he make a name for himself and he did so. Over the years he slowly built up a name for himself from grade school all the way up to high school. Having his name follow him through all the way up to high school the challenges seem to get more balls and more on the edge of death. People where starting to challenge him to steal things for them and let him take to fall for them instead of them getting caught himself. Seeing how he was caught every time he did a challenge his parents didn't even care that he was arrest and put in jail for a good night or two.

    That was until one day he was challenge to rob a gas station and like he did for any other challenge he took it up as though he was use to it. So later that night when he walk into the gas station he pull out his knife and pointed at the person who was behind the counter, but the one thing he didn't count was that the male would pull out a shout gun and pull the trigger. The shot was right at Saya chest hollowing him out as he hit the ground with blood covering the ground  as he slowly started to drift off into the other world.

    Once he came back to the world of the living and saw that he was dead he started to pull on his chain of fate that was connect  to his throat as he started to pull at it over and over until it complete rip it off as it made a hole in his neck as he slowly started to change into a hollow. Once being drag to the hollow realm he slowly become a hollow like anyone  else but the weird thing is that he look like a sperant more than something on all four legs as he seem to take on any hollow that was there was before him as the seem to easily take them down and and eat them as he saw other had down over the couple of days. He seem to slowly to keep his prideful nature that he had in the human world as he see to slowly evolve in the hollow chain as he even was able to even become of the many, but low numbers, of a vasto lord. He rarely had anyone around him as his prideful nature seem to stop him from making friends, but even when he was alive it was like that then.  Seeing how many of the other hollows seem to be growing tried of how Saya was able to reach the highest evolution of a hollow and that they could never be they seem to attack him at once, but seeing that he was at the highest level he took them willing and beat all of them without even beating a sweat as he seem to have made his home in the forest. He had wish the at most hollows that he fought and where able to get away from him would become his friends and he can start to build his fraccion as he notice that mostly the other hollows where joining in groups as he was still alone as he let out a breath.

    But one day a very weird looking man came to the hollow world and was turning some hollows into something that look like a human as well as even the fraccion where becoming human like. So while he was fighting down another group the male was watching him from afar and smiled gentle to himself as he kept on watching Saya do what he has been doing most of his life in his new home; once he was done fighting the group off the male came up to Saya and offer him a place in his growing army. Seeing that he was going to get a chance to become human once more he took other offer, but once he was made into his new body and his weapon of choice was also made as well, he told him thanks for the new body and powers and disappear from his sight in the matter of seconds he was gone from the building and where the male was standing.  Until this day no one knows where Saya disappear to in Las Nochas but many well say that the 8th king was the missing king.
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    PostSubject: Re: Saya Quetzalcoatl   Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:17 am

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    Saya Quetzalcoatl
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