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PostSubject: Viuda Negro [WIP]   Viuda Negro [WIP] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 3:55 am

♔ Resurrección Name ♔
  • Viuda Negro (Kuro Gokegumo (クロゴケグモ); Spanish for Black Widow)

♔ Unreleased State ♔

♔ Innate Ability ♔
  • Spider Reproduction:: Katherina is most known within Hueco Mundo as the "Spider Queen" for her unique ability to birth spiders. Able to induce pregnancy in herself and rapidly cycle through the pregnancy stages in a matter of seconds, Katherina is able to birth spiders of varying sizes for multiple purposes.

    Spiders birthed by her are completely loyal to her, and while they possess a individual mind of their own, they never put up any qualms to dying & fighting for her sake (except for a few). These spiders may possess different abilities, ranging from being able to explode, transmit toxins or even boast proficient combat skills. All her spiders though have the general abilities of the average spider, which would include wall crawling & web spinning namely. In addition to this basic ability she is capable of seeing through all her spiders and have perfect awareness of their locations, using them for surveillance.

    Her spiders come in varying sizes, while naturally, typically, the larger the size, the more proficient they are in general. Her spider may be classed into five different sizes: very small spiders which are microscopic, small spiders which vary from the average spider size to that of a Goliath bird-eater, medium spiders which are the size of a small child, large spiders which range from five to ten feet and huge spiders which range from evelen feet to the size of a football field.

    Without releasing, she is capable of producing very small, small, medium and large spiders. Once per turn she may produce either fifty microscopic spiders, twenty small spiders, two medium spiders or one large one. She may create a combination of them (one medium spider & ten small ones or perhaps twenty-five microscopic ones and ten small ones).

    After using it there is a two turns cool-down in which she can't birth more spiders. Furthermore, like a child would a mother, these spiders gain power from her, in turn every time she uses this ability she's weakened by a entire level. This weakened state lasts for three turns.

♔ Release Command ♔
  • Entangle

♔ Resurrección Form ♔
  • Katherina's Resurrección boasts a rather grotesque procedure symbolic of her primary ability of spider reproduction. Entering into her Resurrección the spider which is at the hand guard of Katherina's Zanpakutō becomes alive and dispatches itself from the blade. The spider, entirely clad black, is just bigger than that f a Goliath bird-eater spider, and as it crawls up on her and finds its way to her mouth and down her throat whole. The spider finds its way down her throat, distinctively one can see the outlining of it against her throat, chest and tummy as it find it's way down to her tummy.

    If one was to continue looking on from a outside point of view one may see as it shifts in her stomach, then as it lays multiple eggs in her tummy they can see the multiple smaller spiders moving about. The rapid production of spiders by the mother spider from her blade quickens rapidly, causing her stomach to swell against the effects. The spiders eventually find their was down to her sexual organ, and spills outward. The spiders quickly weave webs around her, encasing her in a high durable protective orb made of their webs.

    Inside the orb of web, she quickly begins to transform. From her hips downwards it is replaced by that of a spider's abdomen, composed of eight legs and a spinneret. This spinneret is capable of producing webs as well as serves as the new point for her births. On the upper side of the black abdomen is a red hourglass-like shape, much like that of a Black Widow spider. From her hip upwards the rest of her body remains much the same  except for the fact that the transformation would have torn most her clothing apart, leaving her upper half naked. Her fingers though are now more sharpened, comprised of long jet back fingers with her nails in the sharpened dark red. Her eyes are joined by three more above each of her original two, totalling to eight; all of her eyes are now red with the slight presence of red which is only really seen in darkness in which case it distinctively glows dark red.

    Tearing the webs protecting her apart, she dons her new form. The hundreds of small spiders which had been used for the transformation can then be used in combat if she doesn't feel like birthing entirely new ones.

♔ Resurrección Ability ♔
  • Enhanced Reiatsu:: Already boasting immense reiatsu, entering into her Resurrección Katherina's reiatsu becomes nearly overwhelming. Her reiatsu manifests itself in the form of a jet black spider, with eight dark red eyes, then on its back (abdomen) the hourglass shape also glows a dark red. The reiatsu consumes her body entirely, with a dark red outlining.

    While unreleasled her reiatsu is strong enough to knock out those with level one reiatsu and bring level twos to their knees, in her Resurrección her reiatsu is now strong enough to knock those with level two reiatsu out as well and shake the resolve of those with level three. Those who have been subdued by the raw power her reiatsu in her Resurrección state that it somewhat left a permanent feeling of overwhelming arachnophobia.

  • Limb Generation:: Katherina becomes capable of generating additional limbs to help her in combat. These limbs only possess half the amount of strength her original limbs possess, albeit she can generate them in instantly, making them helpful for surprising and overwhelming her foes with a flurry of attacks. She can generate up to six of these limbs at a time, and if they were to be cut off she would need to wait for it to grow back naturally.

  • Danger Intuition::

  • Enhanced Spider Reproduction:: Whereby without releasing she could only birth spiders in small amount, in her Ress Katherina taps into her true power and is now capable of birthing spiders on a much larger scale. She can now either birth up to one hundred small spiders, twenty-five medium spiders, ten large spiders or a single huge spider.

    Her spiders now boasts much better physical capabilities. Her medium spiders can now fight on even terms with a weak shinigami/hollow, possessing no skill in any fighting styles. Her large spiders possess level one fighting styles. Her single huge spider possess level two level fighting styles (more or less, lieutenant level), albeit it's size is usually a drawback to fast foes.

    Like in her unreleased state, these spiders draw from her own power, in turn when used all her skills are lowered by an entire level.

  • Web Generation::
  • Katherina is able to produce spider webs which she may utilize for multiple purposes. She is able to fire these webs from her hands or any other open part of her body. These webs are sticky and tough enough to subdue foes as needed.

    Their holding power is comparable to that of a level thirty binding spell. They are also sharp, and in turn she usually incorporates them into attacks just as much as she does in traps. Their cutting power is strong enough be compared to any weapon attacks at level one.

    Since her body needs time to produce new webs, once this ability is activated she may produce as many webs as she sees fit for up to three posts after which there is a two posts cool down in which she can't produce any. She has a limit as well whereby if she uses this ability three times in succession, she can't produce any more webs for as much as a day.

♔ Resurrección Techniques ♔
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Viuda Negro [WIP]
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