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Shinigami Template

Ongaku 'Oustin-Zuex' Hakushi

---"Visions of Martin Luther staring at me
Malcolm X put a hex on my future, someone catch me
I'm falling victim to a revolutionary song, the Serengeti's clone
Back to put you backstabbers back on your spinal bone

Ongaku, Hakushi OngauEdit_zps71288b49

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Ongaku, Hakushi
Shinigami Aliases: Sutekh Kenpachi
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Thousands)
Birth Date: 7/17
Rank Status: Ex-Captain
Affiliated Division:Rogue (Ex 11th Div Captain)


Something about Sutekh's body always seemed unnatural, but in truth every muscle in his body was attained solely through hard work. Standing 6'7 and 278 lbs ... arms, from the top of his shoulders to the tip of his finger nails are a marvelous sight to behold.  They are extremely large, not only for someone his age and position but even for a veterans'.  The rest of Hakushi's body is also truly a beautiful sight ... his deltoids, Pectos  (chest), biceps, abs, quads (thighs), even his gluteus maximus and down to the muscles  in his feet are well trained and have the looks to match.

Despite what most would believe, Set trains his body for more speed than strength ... he was always large as a child and to overcome such a weakness such as his agility and speed he had to train his body. His body is now at a level to where any such body weight has no affect on how fast he could react or speedy he was in general.

Even of Carthage decent he is of a lighter skin tone. The Kenpachi's hair is probably one of his most prized possession with the exception of his music, his hair could often be seen in a afro, ponytail, braids, permed or hidden under a Du Rag (Dew Rag w.e). He also has long and thin sideburns that reach all the way down his face. Before taming such a beast, (his hair) it was known to just flow with the wind ... sometimes seen in the most  oddest forms and shapes with only a simple hair tie to keep it quite sane.

Hakushi is known to have longer nails than normal but only on his pinky nails on both  hands. He also is known to have a lazy eye at times on his left eye, making his eye seem more narrow than usual. He wears 2 wide bands around each of his wrists black of color,  each with their own sayings. One states "Don't underestimate me or you'll be at my  mercy" and the other "Nothing can make my will and determination falter."

He could often be seen in his customized battle uniform. It was designed by a scientist while he spent his time in the Gotei 13 ... this uniform allows maximum movement as well as maximum protection. Throughout his uniform are sets of weights that  allows him to maximize his training.

The shinigami is rarely seen without a pair of pitch black shades, or mirror shades that were  also designed specifically for him. Along with such, he is maybe be seen in a long  leather jacket or a hoodie. The jacket is reversible, the other side being his captain  robe.

He is also rarely, if ever seen in the traditional shinigami garbs ... he tends to  indulge in the style of the real world. From his music, clothes, hair, they all resemble  that of someone that currently resides in the real world. Zuex is usually always seen  with a set of head phones somewhere on his being, mostly on his ears. He usually rocks a  'wife beater' (Tank top/muscle shirt, and a pair of black or white jeans or 'dickies'.  Shades are often placed upon his eyes, as well as a gold chain around his neck with  various charms during his 'down-time'.


Disrespectful, rude, crude, annoying, exuberant,  obnoxious and any other negative aspect that I forgot to mention. Hakushi is indeed a  "Problem child", he doesn't take shit from anyone and refuses to give respect where it  isn't due. Known for having a few quiet spells, but that quickly goes away in the  presence of ignorance. His snarls and growls is the only warning you would probably  receive before he blows your house down. The Kenpachi believes he is above everybody, even when  he was a seated member of the Gotei he thought that of his captain at times and isn't  afraid to force his opinion on someone or something regardless of his position.

The ex-shinigami captain is a very intelligent being, he shows a no tolerance attitude for people who run at the mouth a lot about things they no nothing about. He is not into tedious work, and you will find that he gets bored easily .... if it isn't training, fighting, or computer  research he usually isn't interested (Besides the females of course). He demands  respect from everybody, don't expect him to show favor toward you if you don't give him  any reason to.

He is very patient when he wants to be, this helps him think on the spot and to stay  calm but don't let this fool you as he is also known for a few surprises every now and  then. Don't expect Hakushi to open up very much, he only responds in a friendly  manner to those he considers closest of his friends. Those who he holds dearest to his  heart see a total different side of than anyone else.

To them he's very loving, nurturing, and they always feel comfortable around him; even  in his angriest of times. Very few can calm him down once he enters a state of raw rage,  among those few are his comrades who don't hesitate to let him know when he's wrong. He  is known among his friends to be the best at what he does while keeping a very stubborn  and serious attitude. Very few have pushed him too far without feeling the consequences  of his anger.

Hakushi is known for jokes every now and then but doesn't get to carried away. He seems to  always take a natural teacher/leader position to those around him, usually being the  eldest it's as though he always has the insight those around him are looking for. No matter the situation or the conditions of his life; he has never stopped caring or  helping people, though you may have to get past his outer shell of sorts ...

Trust? This shinigami has never truly known the real definition behind the word because of how many times he's seen his enemies or his comrades sell out each other. He feels as though  every instance of loyalty has a prenuptial agreement, and for the right price ... such  an relationship can and will be broken with the promise of ones benefit as the wager. "A  father will kill his son for the promise to have the world at his whim", With that said  he tends to keep a very close eye on those around him, their tendencies, their  activities, etc etc.

Sarcasm, attitude, smart remarks, these all come natural to him when encountered by  'dumb-wittedness' or just utter ignorance. He always has an opinion or the right words  to say in a situation, for those times he doesn't ... you might wanna duck an cover.


  Cockiness § Oh boy, one thing that has the potential to bring the worst out in him is  the cockiness of either friend or foe. Though he himself may be highly self-assertive,  he believes that others that haven't proven to be so 'above' everyone else should stay  quiet.

   Haters § What is there really to say about 'haters', those who speak their opinion  strictly from an envious point of view ... Hakushi highly disapproves of this nature and  with gladly speak against it no matter the company.

   Tall People § As funny as it may seem, Hakushi rather dislikes people of tall stature.  Being above average height himself, those that happen to rise above him put him in a  rather sour mood every time. To him it's like they're trying to belittle him by other  means, even without speaking a word  ...

   Secrets § One of his biggest pet peeves, he completely hates secrets  ... things  hidden or kept from him are an easy way to bring out his bad  side. I guess such would  also include lying, he tries to overcome such distinction of the normal being by doing  as much research as possible. Thus not leaving himself in the dark ...

   Country Music § Self-explanatory, the utter whining of this genre of music is enough  to put Hakushi in the worst of moods

   Ignorance § Those who speak out of turn about things they have no knowledge, or  those who try to 'preach' about a certain situation without first experiencing it.

   Manipulators § He himself is quite the manipulator, so it's only natural for him to  dislike those who try to accomplish the same feats in which he partakes.

    Dirty People § People who don't like to wash, people who have no quarrel with  whether or not their body odor affects the people around them. Dirty clothes, dusty  area, dirty shoes ... enough to try a clean person crazy. They shall be purged ...

    Idiots § People who have no clue about the things that happen around them, those  who can't grasp a situation if you stuck it between their cheeks ... those guys ... yeah  ... me no like.

    Clothes § Yes, Hakushi dislikes wearing clothes and with any chance to remove them he  will do so.

    Being in charge § Everybody wants to be the big man on campus but not the Kenpachi, he  finds to the duties od such a position to be quite boring and tedious. The stress alone  would probably drive him crazy, and he wouldn't be able to disappear when he wanted to


Training § one thing that he holds above many things in this world is  his training,  he prides himself on being prepared for anything friendly or  hostile. 6 times out of 10  ten if he can't be found, he's secluded himself  from the public eye to initiate in some  sort of training.

-Research § another aspect in his daily regiment that adds to his ideal of  preparation,  there isn't much that hedoesn't know ... the amount of  time in which he has blessed  soul society and the real world with his  presence added to his persistence in wanting  to know everything.

-Females § the only thing with the potential to trump the previous stated  above is that  of the opposite sex, Hakushi has always been a ladies man and  he shows no signs of  stopping anytime soon. Whether it be friend or foe,  whether he's shaking your hand or  has his zan to your throat ... the fact  that you're a female can mean much more. {Power  of the P-U-S- ... you get  the picture}

-Music § though it may be quite annoying for others, Ongaku indulges in the music of current times rather often. Sometimes it even get to the point  where he can be heard  reciting lyrics, or bobbing his head and tapping his  feet to music that he follows in  his head.

-Rain/Stormy weather § for some reason this always puts him in a good mood  and these  conditions are actually what he prefers to train in, the rain and  the commotion in the  sky seems to soothe him more than a nice warm day.

Short People § They're like little play things, you wanna pick em up, toss em around,  pinch their cheeks and squeeze them to death with all their little cuteness screaming  WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE or AHHHHHHHHHHHH! ... all depending Smile

Female Piercings § Well what is there to say about this, tongue rings, nipple rings, clitoris rings, one, two, all three ... doesn't matter ... you wanna sway him in your  direction this is a necessary piece of the puzzle.

Real World § Not necessarily the world itself but some of the things in it, Hakushi dwells in real world activities quite often ... shopping for sneakers, jewelry, suits,  electronic gear like mp3 players etc etc. He finds the technology of the real world  interesting

Sports § Why wouldn't like sports? Any athletic activity that involves physical contact  or precision is one that not only interests him but he tried to partake in such events  whenever possible

Liquor § Shots shots shots shots shots shots!  Oh yeah, his favorite would have to be  tequila but not any ol tequila ... patron. Though that may be his goto choice, he'd  probably take a shot of anything as long as it got him where he wanted to go

Strippers § Man's other best-friend, it wouldn't be odd for Hakushi to go 'missing' in the  real world at odd times while he indulges in the activty that many may disapprove of ...  but it just amazes him what humans will do for the minimum amount of currency


Anger § There comes a time where Sutekh is pushed passed his limits when it comes to  controlling his emotions, whether it be easy to or hard to get him to this level is  dependant on the person but once there it isn't a very pleasant thing to experience. His  reasoning is near zero and even those close to him have a hard to calming him down, he  becomes extremely powerful and aggresive ... sometimes losing grasp of who's a friend or  foe.

Emotional § Hakushi is a sucker for movies with sad endings, even ones with very  successful endings ... hell ... most tear jerkers will surely play tug of war with his  emotions.

Carelessness § What can I say, he just doesn't care as much as he should ... why should  he? Even with an appropriate answer he still finds it difficult to care about most  situations or even people. One would think a shinigami's duty is to care but this  couldn't be the farthest from the truth in regards to this one

Attitude § Who, Hakushi? Yes, Hakushi .... he seems to catch an attitude rather quickly  compared to others around him. At least that's what those around him would percieve his  tone as, but the fact of the matter is that's just his normal demeanor.

Disrespectful § Yup, he pretty much disregards people's feelings or opinions and beats  his own path. The more you have a problem with the things he does, the chances are he'll  do it more.


Nudist § And with a body like his, why wouldn't you be? The ex-captain is proud of the body he has received through his hardwork and his natural endowment of manhood. Being 7 inches  flaccid he likes to share his 'trophy' with the world, catching him off guard will most  likely put you in a awkward position of staring ... or so he would like to think.  Showing up at meetings or other important sessions half naked is not a thing of rarity  in regards to this shinigami.

Smoking § Yeah, typical stereotype ... black man ... rolling papers ... ganja ... trees  ... green ... you get the point I'm sure

Sex § Something that should be a habit of every man walking the face of the earth, but Hakushi's problem has more ties with his timing. This will probably be among many reason  why he'd be late to a meeting, missing when something important comes up or when he's  needed.

Geek § He can spend many hours on top of hours on a computer as long as it's a  'capable' one, though it doesn't fit his persona nor his position ... technology has  always been one of his 'sins' that he indulges in quite often

Singing/Rapping § Any moment around this shinigami can turn into an episode of American  Idol or even 'So you think you can dance' for that matter. With his mp3 at full blast he  could very well be seen singing/rapping along to his favorite tune.

Staring § Whether it be because you're ugly, beautiful, weird, whatever ... regardless  of the reason you may find this man's twin set of odd colored orbs locked on you at the  strangest of times. One of the main reasons why he usually wear a pair of shades upon  his face ...


Large Insects § Ooooooh yeaaah, this large beast of a man is scared of the things that  crawl around with more than four legs. Large centipedes, strange spiders, and flying ones ... you will surely see this man flinch or squeal in disgust. One way to get him in a bad mood also ...

Losing Control § Being the 'Control freak' that he is; it's only natural that he fear  losing control of not only his powers but control of circumstances around him.

STDs § This should probably be public enemy #1, a man as sexually active as he is should  naturally fear the consequences of laying down even with the most innocent of females.  He has sworn to kill any woman responsible for spreading such disgusting thing to  himself and the man she possibly got it from ...

Fat Girls § Why? Who knows, but majorly obese females intimidate the hell out of him when they get angry ... he gets horny & nervous at the same damn time.


More § Ongaku has seen many things, powerful things, weak things, unexplainable things, and he knows that there has to be more to being a 'soul' or a shinigami than  what he has currently obtained. He seeks the upper echelon of what it means to hold his  power ...

Organization § He wants to eventually own something of his own, whether it be a side  branch of a Gotei or something greater. Something that has meaning, which is ironic  considering he hates being a leader to ppl.

Epitome § This shinigami wants to become the epitome of what it means to manipulate ones reiatsu with exquisite precision and strength.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)

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Ongaku, Hakushi
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