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 Enma Ai~ Shini Captain WIP

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Enma Ai

Enma Ai

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PostSubject: Enma Ai~ Shini Captain WIP   Enma Ai~  Shini Captain WIP I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2014 4:43 pm

Shinigami Template

Enma Ai

Perhaps it is time to die.

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Enma Ai
Shinigami Aliases: Enma Ai
Ai's name actually translates as: Ai (love) and Enma (the Judge of the Underworld).
Gender: Female
Age: 428
Birth Date: 12/29/1587
Rank Status: Captain

Affiliated Division: 2nd


Ai wears acold personality. Even in situations in which are emotion-evoking, she doesn't appear moved in the least. Additionally, Ai is oddly silent and serious. She seems to only chat when the need arises, rarely speaking simply for the sake of it. In the event that Ai does talk out of ordinary circumstances, it is about something in which she believes is necessary for someone to know, or to correct somebody where needed. She is a person characterized by concern primarily with her own thoughts and feelings. It has been noted that she seems to have low empathy for all others.

Enma is a person of incredible resolve, not hesitating to do whatever it takes to complete a mission and defeat her enemy. She will not hesitate in the slightest to strike down even her subordinates if they stand in her way. she is also a dedicated perfectionist, and on some occasions demonstrated sadistic aggression and lack of remorse in actions of harming others, both physically and emotionally.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level
  • Level
  • Level
  • Level
  • Level

Once Upon A Time


Those aiming for Elite/Upper tier status must have a minimum of 1k words for their history.

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Enma Ai~ Shini Captain WIP
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