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 Itami Kurushimi {SHINIGAMI} [WIP]

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PostSubject: Itami Kurushimi {SHINIGAMI} [WIP]   Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:08 am

Shinigami Template

Itami Kurushimi

---"Nothing lasts forever, but I am an exception"---

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Itami Kurushimi
Shinigami Aliases: Itami, Silent devil, The war God
Gender: Male
Age: 1333
Birth Date: July 8
Rank Status: Elite

Affiliated Division: Captain of the Eleventh division.

Itami stands six feet tall and weights at about 175lbs. He has long shaggy blond hair which slightly cover his ears. He has a normal build and is a bit muscular.

Instead of wearing the normal Shihakusho, he wears one sporting the colors white and blue. He wears a white shitagi, A white kosode, a white hakama, and a white Hakama-himo. Due to him being a captain, he is required to wear his haori. His haori however is blue with a few white colors in it, mostly by the shoulders and near the legs and some scattered white spots and has the squad's insignia at the back. He wears his haori over his shoulders only and does not insert his arms in the sleeves which makes the sleeves flail on the back. He can also be normally seen smoking a pipe.

His gigai wears a sleeveless black vest over his white long sleeves which is similar to what his shinigami uniform looks like. Below, he wears black pants and black leather shoes. Also, sometimes he wears shades of different colors mostly black, blue, and purple as well as those black cotton gloves he wears with his uniform. He can normally be seen smoking cigar in contrast to him when he's smoking a pipe in his shinigami outfit.

 Open To See For Yourself:

Itami is usually urging for battle and has a wild and aggressive personality. He however, is lazy and tends to sleep on his job. With his set time at the afternoon to sleep. Disturbing him on his sleep means bad news for he does not hesitate whoever disturbs him. Despite of his lazy nature, he is serious at everything he does, this includes his job. He is loyal to the Soul Society and is a fearsome commander of the eleventh squad. He is also uncompromising, anything he decides to do is final and nothing can make him change his mind, nothing. Merciless towards his enemies, he never hesitates to finish them off. Due to his wild, aggressive, and unpredictable fighting style, he tends to make a lot of mess in battle. When he starts the battle, he won't mind if anything breaks just as long as he is fighting. So, he moves the battle to a safe surrounding, far from places where he can cause massive damage. Despite of all of these, he is joyful and friendly in nature. Always there for fun with his friends. But before the fun, he believes that his job as a captain is still first before anything, well... except for sleeping. By looking at his face, he would seem like the silent type most of the times but his personality seems to change whenever he steps into battle, he becomes violent, wild, and bloodthirsty.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 2

Once Upon A Time


"History, history is not important to me. It is the past and what's past is past and cannot be changed. What's important to me is the future, for it can be changed before it becomes history."

Itami witnessed the creation, he was there once it had happened. He was created to keep the harmony of both dead and living and to destroy what is unruly and evil. He was one of the strongest shinigamis at the time, physically stronger than the others. For the sole purpose to fend off those who are evil, he believes that being a strong warrior is a trait which an enforcer of peace must observe.
Then, there came the great rebellion. A war between the just and unjust, a war between two sides of shinigamis. It was all but meaningless bloodshed, Itami was angered by what he saw. The art of combat must be used in enforcing what's good and not to just simply cause chaos. Itami entered the battlefield and unleashed the demon hiding from within, he has shown his wild, aggressive, and merciless side to those who were unjust. Slaying waves of enemies, he became bloodthirsty. One of the most dangerous warriors at the war. He also took part in subduing the leader of the rebellion.

Seeing himself becoming like a savage beast, he went out by himself and meditated. He has thought that he had became one like those unruly monsters, living for the sole purpose of fighting, which he is. He was made for the purpose of fighting. After a few years of meditation he had returned to Soul Society with his much more calm and collected self. On his stay at the Soul Society, he kept laying low and avoided being noticed. Even if Itami chose to keep a quiet life, he can't just resist his urge to fight. Spending most of his time training, almost achieving perfection with his fighting style.

Peace was once again attained and the Soul Society focused on reestablishing a way of protection.

Being seen with pure potential, Itami was assigned to establish the Gotei 13 alongside with other people whom had been assigned as well. Due to a huge deplete on their population, they have recruited more souls to join their cause, training and honing them to become a shinigami. The true Itami came back. Embracing the art of combat, he was responsible for training and strengthening the others on physical and direct combat as those he thought and trained shown onto others the teachings that Itami has shown them, unofficially stariting the art of Zanjutsu.

Soon enough, shinigamis were assigned to do special tasks. Some shinigamis has been seen with abilities which makes them suitable for jobs that they specialize in, joining certain groups in which they think they belong. These groups are certain separate divisions which specialized in certain tasks. With his love for combat, Itami found himself suitable to lead a division which specializes on combat. He pursued the creation of this division.

Then, the Gotei 13 was then officially founded and Itami being one of the captains. It has the sole purpose of defending Seireitei and the Soul Society as a whole. The Gotei is also responsible of other actions such as the guiding of souls into the Soul Society and deploying members to do missions. Itami did his jobs and kept his loyalty.

The eleventh division was born, a direct-combat Division with a specialization in swords-only combat which Itami himself handles. It is one of the most specialized divisions in the Gotei 13. The division's doctrine of dominating in battle is what appeals to its members; they believe that fighting is what makes life worth living. This is what separates the 11th Division from the others and makes them the strongest division. Itami has set up so that to become a new captain of the Eleventh division, the candidate must do so through the third method of becoming a captain, killing the previous captain in front of 200 members of the Division. With this rule, Itami would enjoy a fight whenever someone attempts to take in the captain position. Their insignia, a Yarrow, signifies fight.

Time passed and the knowledge about ones Zanpakuto prospered. Discovering two of the Zanpakuto's forms, the Shikai and Bankai forms. Letting Itami to enter his own inner world, he met his Zanpakuto's spirit once again. This experience lead Itami to truly understand and manifest these forms. Itami trained himself to achieve these forms for his zanpakuto until one day he reached his goal. Utilizing these, Itami's power grew even more. Sooner, more techniques were developed by shinigamis, these techniques included Hohō and Kidō. Itami trained once more to gain the ability to utilize these new found techniques. Newer technology were also made, helping shinigamis with their missions in and out of Soul Society.

The war hasn't stopped yet. There are still hollows roaming around the world of the living. As well as another race, the Quinciys. But unlike shinigamis who purifies these hollows back to their plus forms, these quincys completely destroys them. Quincys became another thing for the shinigamis to monitor. Quincys are high threats for when they kept on destroying these hollows, the Human World becomes heavy in souls, causing Soul Society to spill over into it; mixing life and death. The ultimate result would be the end of the world.As time passed, hollows began to evolve, greatly increasing their power, posing an even bigger threat.

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PostSubject: Re: Itami Kurushimi {SHINIGAMI} [WIP]   Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:57 pm

1. Please add a more detailed description of both your character's appearance and personality. And to be honest with you, while I like the concept of not wanting to wear an Haori. Or rather having it customized to be Blue and white. I would prefer it if you separate them. I need a more official uniform, as in the black Hakama etc. Whatever you choose to put over it is then up to you. Tradition. I likes to keep with it.

2. History..fighting for two days without break huh? Right. Iffy, but not such an important detail. I do implore you to read the Shinigami history, since the setting is a bit different. The Gotei wasn't long ago established etc. Just for reference really.

In any case. Make those edits and we can pick up from there.
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Itami Kurushimi {SHINIGAMI} [WIP]
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