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 Reiatsu Recovery System

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PostSubject: Reiatsu Recovery System   Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:23 pm

R E I A T S U- R E C O V E R Y- S Y S T E M

This is the guide to the Reiatsu/Reishi recovery system. As you know, your Reiatsu can be exhausted, and will need to be recovered, before you can begin to use other Reiatsu taxing techniques. The Reiatsu system works on a gauge, so if all your Reiatsu is used up, then you are knocked unconscious as a result. It would be wise to monitor your Reiatsu output. It should also be noted that your Reiatsu is not automatically recovered, and needs time for this to process to take place. Also, if your Reiatsu is not recovered before a battle, training etc. Then you will go into said battle, training or otherwise with the remaining amount of Reiatsu from the last battle. For Example, if you only had 100 Reiatsu points left over from your last topic. Then that's the amount you will have at your disposal.

R E C O V E R I N G R E I A T S U:

    Must enter a non combat related topic, and spend a minimum of five posts, both resting and eating. This way your character can properly replenish their Reiatsu supply.

    If more than 3/4 of your Reiatsu was used up, then you need 7 posts or more in order to fully recover.

Please follow these basic guidelines as they're outlined above.
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Reiatsu Recovery System
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