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 Aaron Collingwood (WIP)

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Aaron Collingwood
Aaron Collingwood

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Arrancar Template

Aaron Collingwood

The best defense is a good offense

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Aaron Collingwood
Hollow Aliases: Chandelier H, Carnhood
Gender: Male
Age: 142
Birth Date: April 8th
Rank Status: 7th King
Cero Color: White
Aspect of Death: Justice
Hollow Hole Location: Chest


In short, Aaron Collingwood is a wall of flesh. While he was alive, he was already in peak physical condition. He was 6'4" with bulging muscles. His physical form has only become more monstrous since his Arrancarification. His height has grown to seven feet flat. Nearly as wide as he is tall, his proportions are both supernatural and otherwordly. Each of his limbs is wider than the average person and each of his pectoral muscles is noticeably bigger than a human face. In life, he had a light tan that was intensified in death to a dull bronze. Some of his physical traits have carried on from his mortal life unchanged. These include his facial features. His face is very long. He has blue eyes and blonde combed back hair. He also has large lightning bolt shaped eyebrows and very large ears. He has also gained new traits from his transformation. This includes the two earrings that are the only remaining fragments of his mask as well as the nearly basketball sized hole in his chest. Aaron's attire consists only of white shorts that are only as long as briefs. On his right arm, he wears a chrome gauntlet on his arm with a retractible crimson ribber whip. This is his Zanpakuto. He carries himself proudly and carries a look of disgust on his face most of the time due to his holier than thou demeanor. Overall, Aaron is a half naked hulking wall of flesh of a man that wields a gauntlet and a whip.


Positive Traits

  • Honourable- Cheap tricks. Cheap shots. Aaron may not have grown up in luxury, but he will not tolerate cheap tactics. He never cheats or uses surprise attacks, and he encourages the hollows that he command to avoid these tactics as well. Using this style of combat is an easy way to diminish how much Aaron respects another soul.
  • Loyal- Aaron will not betray his allies. No one who serves under him is expendable. He obeys those that he is subordinate to without question. He will never befriend his enemies under false pretenses. Of course, if he is betrayed first, that is an entirely different story.
  • Merciful- Aaron was a street punk in his mortal life. Aaron was a mindless hollow for a period. Aaron was a Menos warrior for decades. Aaron recuperates his Stamina by feeding on sentient beings and feels no remorse. Aaron is not a monster. Not all fights must end in death. Enemies can become allies. Make no mistake, this does not mean that he is forgiving.
  • High standards- Aaron once lived in the slums and has lived the savage life of a hollow. His environment has not had a detrimental effect on his standards. It can even be said that his living conditions have raised his standards. Aaron cares a lot more about image than initially apparent from his manner of dress. He tries not to be associated with brutish behavior or distasteful acts and encourages the hollows serving him to not tarnish his reputation. He thinks of himself as one of the only beings with class in the desert and considers anyone who lives up to his standards a potential friend.
  • Protective- Aaron failed to protect something that mattered to him once. He'll never make that mistake again. Aaron considers his army a valuable asset and discourages in fighting, especially in the case of one sided fights and bullying. This excludes sparring, of course. On a more base level, he is compelled to save others in vulnerable situations. Children and women in particular evoke this trait from him.

Negative Traits
  • Brutal- Aaron is not afraid to deliver an ass-kicking when one is sorely due. Aaron views warfare and full on fighting as a last resort but once he has exhausted other options, he will fight to the bitter end. Armies are left devastated down to the last soldier. In one on one fights, he beats his opponents until they are incapacitated and sometimes beyond then. Though he pretends he is not a savage, it is clear to see how much enjoyment he gets out of battle and violence.
  • Quick to anger- Aaron has always had a temper. While he attempts to keep it under wraps, sometimes he cannot help but lash out verbally and sometimes even physically. The latter is especially true for his subordinates though this can also ruin other relationships including romantic endeavors and negotiations. He is usually apologetic afterwards and tries to excuse himself before this trait is shown. If he believed the target of his frustration is not worthy of apology, he will have no regrets.
  • Judgemental- Aaron's high standards aren't just a positive trait. Aaron judges those around him very easily. He never forgets mistakes are slights against him and he looks down on many traits such as lust, greed, and gluttony.
  • Unforgiving- Betraying Aaron is a large mistake. He does not forgive. He does not give second chances. Once he has been betrayed, he will consider this person an enemy for life that must be painfully eliminated. At best, he will no longer associate or trust this person.
  • Trusting- Aaron never assumes that his underlings or those he serves will betray him. He only makes alliances with people he believes will not betray him and does not expect this behavior from them either. This leaves him open to attempts of betrayal as well as surprise attacks.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability:

  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
    Cero / Bala
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time


Aaron Collingwood was born in Eastern London in 1872. Aaron came from a long line of metal workers and his own father expected him to also join the profession. However, Aaron had no interest in the trade. The only thing he seemed to have interest in was getting into trouble. From a young age, he had a penchant for getting into fights. As a child, most of his opponents were approximately his age but he was willing to take on anyone no matter their size or age, much to his father's chagrin. He would allow no one to bring dishonor to his name except for himself. All who didn't treat him with the respect that he believed he deserved would pay. These traits carried on into his adolescence which led to numerous short incarcerations. Then, seemingly for no reason at all, everything changed. Aaron seemed to have learned how to handle his temper. He had a genuine interest in taking up the family interest. The reason behind this was due to the interest he had taken in a young woman in the Whitechapel district. He wanted to make the transition into the type of man that could start a family and that meant two things to him: he had to gain the skills needed to support a family and he needed to become a respectable man. The latter wasn't just to attract the girl. He wanted to be a good example  to his future children.

And so the day came when he approached the object of his affections late at night in the streets of London to express his feelings. He had never even spoken to her before but he knew that he wanted her hand in marriage. Unfortunately, she reluctantly declined his humble offer. He tried to negotiate with her, but she only began to grow irritated and skittish and eventually Aaron had to accept her answer. At least, he had to accept her answer for now. He had decided that he could still change her mind. He already knew what he had to do. After a long argument with his parents regarding the wisdom behind his decision, he moved away from his parents to seek independance as a blacksmith in Whitechapel, where his beloved lived. Getting his business off of the ground was difficult but he had worked hard to become accomplished. Then, tragedy struck. The woman that he had changed for had been taken before her time, gutted and left heartless. She would be the fifth victim of the Whitechapel Murderer, better known as Jack the Ripper. With this revelation also came the knowledge that his beloved was a lady of the night. After a rage induced rampage that had mostly destroyed his own possessions, he had made another decision: Aaron would find the man who had so cruelly spilled the blood of his future spouse and he would make sure that he suffered the same fate. He searched every night for this despicable excuse for a human being until the sun came up. He sacrificed much for this decision. His startup business had began to decline from the decreased focus that he was willing to give to it and his funds were beginning to wane. This would be the least of his worries. The increased amount of night time activity that he had been involved in had caused him to develop a pneumonia and as much as he tried to deny it, he couldn't continue to look for the murderer. On the very night that he had temporarily given up his search for the beast, he had been punished severely. That night, he had been so tired, so ravaged by his illness that he had been careless. He had left his door unlocked. It was a dangerous district to do this in. He had left many of his tools and dishes laying about. But most damningly, he had left several lanterns burning in his house. In the dead of the night, one of them had fallen and broken, allowing the fire to spread through his house. When he next woke, all that was left was a smoldering pile of ashes. His house was barely recognizable... he was barely recognizable.

He spent much hours attempting to comprehend the situation that he had found himself in. Once he had understood what had happened to him, he realized that there was only one course of action that made sense: he had to find Jack the Ripper and settle this feud once and for all. He had already lost too much to let him get away with his crimes and he had nothing left to lose. That very night, he had discovered a murder in progress? Was this man the murderer or just a murderer? Not that he could do anything about it. He was just a spectre; he couldn't interact with anything around him. He stalked this man. He haunted him and vice versa. There would be weeks of inactivity and then he would strike again. He target prostitutes, just like The Ripper. It made Aaron's heart burn. He swore on his name that he would punish him. After witnessing a third murder, he could no longer tolerate it. His body transformed and his mind became hazy. The taste of iron greeted his tongue. He had devoured him.

Hollows devoured souls. Aaron's conscious impeded this. This did not stop him from consuming souls. It just meant that he chose the souls that he consumed carefully. Or at least, as carefully as possible. Unlike most newborn Hollows, he consumed the living more often than he consumed plus souls. His targets were adult males. Slipping up while Aaron was watching was a grave mistake. He was as strict as Santa Claus and undoubtedly crueller. However, soon the beast of a man realized that there was a greater threat than mortal men. Other Hollows, who preyed on the weak, would become his new targets. This quest to eat hollows would lead him into Hueco Mundo's depths and into an entirely new lifestyle.

He would find himself to be a lumbering Menos Grande in no time at all. He fought, almost mindlessly, day after day. In no time, he was noticed by one of the Adjuchas. He was a diamond in the rough among the towering Hollows, an rotten but unspoiled soul. He recruited Aaron into his underground army and the two built a relationship based on mutual respect that led to Aaron becoming his second in command and a fellow Adjuchas. Unfortunately, once Aaron had reached the rank of Vasto Lorde, everything changed. He remained loyal to his master, but the feeling wasn't mutual. His master planned to eat him and take his power. In the ensuing battle, Aaron's mask was broken, transforming him into an arrancar and allowing him to more easily become the victor. After winning, he and his army rose to the surface of the land to accomplish Aaron's goal: to destroy all Hollows that he had judged unworthy.

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Aaron Collingwood (WIP)
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