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 Technique Guide & Template

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PostSubject: Technique Guide & Template   Technique Guide & Template I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2014 7:19 pm


Techniques are various actions and tools you can use with your weapon, apart from the main ability itself. They are related to the ability of the user and could be called an extension of the ability itself. Techniques are honed versions of these abilities, focused on one purpose or task. This makes them more powerful than the ability itself, but also makes them limited in their use. Below you can find the technique template of this site. It is the same for every race.

Classes and Attributes explained

[Offense, Defense, Affliction, Support]
Classes are categories that different techniques are separated into. A single technique can sometimes belong to multiple classes. The classes go like this: Offense, Defense, Affliction and Support. Offensive techniques all share the aim of causing harm to others. Any technique that can result in damage caused to others can be called an offensive technique. Defensive techniques on the other hand seek to cause no harm. Their goal is to protect their user or sometimes others too through various effects. Most often this means forming a protective field of some sort to defend against enemy attacks. Affliction techniques are perhaps the most trickiest of the classes. They seek to cause damage over a longer span of time, passively, or through spreading the damage over a wider area during contact. A flame that stuck to a victim and kept burning him is a good example of an Affliction. As the name suggests, most Poison type abilities seek to cause Afflictions. The Support class refers to any other techniques that seek to reinforce, improve or strengthen something. It can be the user, their ability, another one of their attacks or an ally of the user. They improve upon something that already exists or give it new qualities, or try to heal damage that a person or object has sustained.

[Attack, Strategic, Recovery, Augmentation, Physical, Spiritual, Instant, Finisher]
Attributes are best described as types that the techniques can be divided into. Most techniques have more than one attribute to them. The attributes are divided into Attack, Strategic, Recovery, Augmentation, Physical, Spiritual, Instant and Finisher. Attacks are offensive techniques meant to harm others. Their aim is to always cause damage or some form of harm. They come in all kinds of forms and shapes. Strategic techniques on the other hand are there to give the user a strategic advantage as their name states. They are not directly harmful to others, but aim to give the user some kind of advantage. All defensive and recovery techniques for example have a Strategic attribute. Augmentation techniques bestow some kind of extra power to their user, or the user's target for a limited time. A powerful technique of this attribute might have drawbacks if used for too long. Due to their nature they are considered uncommon. Physical techniques rely on physical maneuvers and have physical effects. They drain the stamina of the user, but that doesn't mean that they don't take a toll on his reiryoku reserves. Spiritual techniques are techniques that rely on the use of spiritual forces or other energies. They are most often range and cause a wide variety of effects. Some techniques, despite being categorized as spiritual, do not necessarily drain a lot of reiryoku. Instant techniques do not need to be prepared in any way, or they can be quickly prepared within the same post they are released in. Generally fast, but not too powerful. An instant attack too can kill an enemy though. It can also make up for the lack of preparation with a high cool down. Finishers as their attribute states, are powerful techniques that are intended to finish a fight. Despite their name, some of them can be used multiple times in a fight. A finisher always requires a preparation of some sort, and most likely has a longer cool down too.

The Technique Template


#Number of the technique and the level of the technique. Shikai or Bankai for example.
Name - Self explanatory. The name of the technique in the language of the race. We'd like you to put up the english translation of the name too.
Class: This is where you list the classes of the technique.
Attributes: This is where you list the attributes of the technique.
' Describe the effects of the technique inside of these commas. The cause, appearance, effect and result of the technique. '

Range: An estimate of the range of your technique. Specific area or close, mid and long-range.
Preparation: How many turns you need to prepare or "charge" a technique. Simply techniques can be instant and do not need a preparation.
Post Durations: How long the technique lasts.
Cooldown: How many turns you need to wait before using the technique again. Activates after the duration of the technique ends.

#*Number* [Insert level here]
[u][b]Name[/b][/u] -
[i]' Effect '[/i]

[i][u]Post Durations:[/u][/i]

Template Example

An example on how to make these techniques and how the template looks when finished. Note, that with Arrancars, they will have Unreleased and Resurreccion as their levels, while a human will have Fullbring and Final Form as their levels. The other races go correspondingly, according to the names of the forms they can use.

#1 Shikai
Name - Enshou / Heat Wave
Class: Offense
Attributes: Attack, Spiritual, Instant
'The effect of the technique is simple. The user releases a wave of flames from his Zanpakuto after swinging it in a wide arc. This wave is around three meters long and half a meter wide and flies at a rapid speed, much like a speeding car. The wave will burn any target it hits, Incinerating most objects and leaving most people with severe burns.'

Range: Long
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: One turn
Cooldown: Three turns


#2 Bankai
Name - Hiketsu / Rejection
Class: Defense
Attributes: Strategic, Spiritual
'This technique manifests as an extremely dense spherical barrier made out of highly specialized spiritual particles appearing around of the user upon its release. This barrier rejects and can nullify most spiritual and physical attacks even those around and slightly above level 90. An attack with clearly superior power can still surpass the barrier, as can attacks that have barrier-piercing properties. It needs to be charged for one turn, after which it can be deployed at any given moment.'

Range: Close, one meter around of the user
Preparation: One turn
Post Durations: One turn
Cooldown: Eight turns
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PostSubject: Re: Technique Guide & Template   Technique Guide & Template I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2014 10:56 pm

Quote :
T E C H N I Q U E   R E I A T S U   C O S T

There are various techniques and with different effects accompanying each one. Of course we recognize that not all techniques are the same. And while some may be used on the same level, they are not of the same strength, power etc. For example, while two Shinigami may be battling using their Shikai. Their respective techniques may vary in strength, based on the after effect of said technique and its type. A technique designed to burn things away slowly, may be less power and less costly. But a technique designed to cause a spectacular explosion may require a lot more effort. With this in mind, the staff have set a certain gauge in terms of Reiatsu cost.

It should also be noted that at Shikai level and similar levels of power. Your techniques or abilities cannot exceed a level 66 Kido spell. Unless of course your purchase something that allows one to exceed this. While I dislike basing techniques and abilities in terms of Kido strength. It is also the simplest way of going about it. Now then, when explaining your techniques, based on its make up and effect. You can mention things such as, its as strong as a level X Kido. Or it can breach a level X defensive spell.

Technique Level:

0-10 - 10 Reiatsu
11-21 - 25 Reiatsu
22-32 - 35 Reiatsu
33-43 - 45 Reiatsu
44-54 - 55 Reiatsu
55-65 - 65 Reiatsu

66-76 - 75-95 Reiatsu Points
77-87 - 120-180 Reiatsu Points

Per Turn Techniques:

Base Level Abilities: As seen below.

Shikai, Incomplete Fullbring, Bow, Innate: 25 Reiatsu Cost per Turn

Level Two Abilities: As seen below.

Bankai, Ress, Complete Fullbring, Vollstandin: 45 Reiatsu Cost per turn

A B I L I T Y  G U I D E/ C O S T

Abilities in general can be somewhat difficult to manage, because they vary so much. But more specifically, abilities that are based on manipulation of any substance will have their own cost. If your ability revolves around manipulating water, fire etc. And is without technques that goes hand in hand, then it will Cost 20 Reiatsu Points. to maintain and continue its usage. In addition to this, if your manipulation of said ability then results in an attack of reasonable proportion. Then you must base the cost upon the Reiatsu cost outlined above for techniques.
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PostSubject: Re: Technique Guide & Template   Technique Guide & Template I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2014 10:56 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Technique Guide & Template   Technique Guide & Template I_icon_minitime

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Technique Guide & Template
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