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 Mission Guidelines & Template

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PostSubject: Mission Guidelines & Template   Mission Guidelines & Template I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2014 11:26 am

M I S S I O N - S Y S T E M
R E Q U I R E M E N T S & R U L E S

First Class - These missions are for the echelon of characters on the site. The captains to the Generals to the Stern Ritters to the Hollows.  These missions have the most of urgency considering these are as dangerous as missions get in terms of skill and enemy(s) or the overall task. These missions can only be created by Race leaders and and taken on only by those who bare the "Elite" or in given circumstances those baring the "Semi-Elite" spot in their respective Race. Reward: 120-200 EXP

Second Class - These missions are created by the "Elites" of said race and handed out to those of a lower tier or someone of their respective tier depending on its difficulty. These task possess some danger but not the utmost of danger. Reward: 75-100 EXP

Third Class - Created by those baring the "Semi-Elite" positions in their races such as Lieutenants and Commanders. These missions have some difficulty but not as much as second class and far from a First Class mission. These missions can be handed out to those of a respective rank and those of a lower rank. Reward: 50-70 EXP

  • Plot Related Missions will be awarded an Extra 50SP.(Staff decide this)[/b]
  • If Missions of the higher classes cannot be created due to Lack of Race Leader or captains etc staff will provide you will missions if needed. [/b]
  • Race Leaders get 15% of every mission completed and must claim so on their updates.
  • Pointless and stupid missions can and will result in removal of SP from your account, as well as those benefiting from such a mission.
  • First and Second class can not be NPC missions unless chosen by staff.
  • Missions are not repeatable
  • Missions with no clear/present danger will be bumped down to 25 SP (things like meet and greets etc etc)
  • NPC Missions will remove 30% of the reward for Second Class and First Class Missions


The classification of a mission often tells its importance or lack there of. However the missions set will have varying classifications attached to them. Below are a list of the classifications.

Missions made public knowledge to their respective realms, but secret to others are just that, public knowledge. The reason for this is that, public missions are shared by an entire organization. And in most instances, they do lack in any real importance.

Restricted missions are generally only shared between Fuku Taicho level and above warriors. At times, it may only be shared between personnels of this level. And as one can imagine, those below the required level and skill to undertake them, are oblivious to them and their true nature.

Top Secret-
Missions of this nature are just that, top secret. Only  select few will ever undertake these missions. Generally those within but not restricted to the 2nd Division, and other covert Ops groups within their respective organization. It is also recommended that Captain level individuals carry out these missions.


Missions Briefing-
There is always a reason behind giving/ carrying out a mission. In this case, a quick run down of the mission should be given. This will often establish the cause behind the mission.

Mission Objective-
This is where we outline the mission's objective. Which can range from espionage, seduction, destruction and whatever else that gets the job done. And remember, one doesn't need to kill to be successful at what they do.

M I S S I O N - T E M P L A T E


Organization: {Group responsible.}
\_Code Name: {Alias of the objective.}

Class: {1, 2, or 3?}
\_Classification: {Choose from the above.}

Mission Briefing: {Opening of the objective.}
\_Mission Objective: {Main goal to accomplish.}


\_[u][i]Code Name:[/i][/u]


[b][u]Mission Briefing:[/u][/b]
\_[u][i]Mission Objective:[/i][/u]
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Mission Guidelines & Template
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