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 Friend or Foe

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Aaron Collingwood
Aaron Collingwood

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PostSubject: Friend or Foe   Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:30 pm

Aaron never strayed too far from his army. That said, sometimes, he sought out solitude. It was dangerous to be in the company of so many Hollows. He had tried to pick out the diamonds in the rough, but he had to admit that he had an army of coals. It was only when he was alone that he could feel secure. What he needed in this desert was an ally. A kindred spirit. With the authority he had over his army, he attempted to create a new Hueco Mundo. A righteous army. But what he needed was another soul just as pure as his own. As he walked through the desert sands, he felt another presence approaching him. His Pesquisa was no slouch, but he couldn't be expected to remember the unique signatures of each and every one of his soldiers. It could be anyone. It may have been a base Hollow. They were useless to him but he would most likely show mercy against one unless it was especially aggressive. He could only be pushed so far before he retaliated. It could be an unaligned arrancar. This could be the perfect recruitment opportunity if he was suitable. Or, it could be an enemy. He found the latter idea to be unlikely, but certainly not impossible. Perhaps it was a scout also looking for new recruits or a very powerful soldier looking for an enemy to pick off. He was sure that it wasn't another warlord. He couldn't think of a reason that one would be so far away from their army. He awaited whoever would arrive with his arms crossed and allowed his whip to begin to slide out of its hole and extend.
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Friend or Foe
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