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 Death waits for none. [Open]

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Yuri Aoi
Yuri Aoi

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PostSubject: Death waits for none. [Open]   Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:20 am

No one had ever been inside the private quarters of the Sotaicho. It was divided into 3 parts. The entrance and foyer where some captains had the pleasure of conversing with her. Next was a much larger and rectangular space then it was her sleeping quarters. Currently she stood in the dead centre of the middle room. It was a strange room, devoid of any decorations or furnishings. The floor was of smooth grey concrete. So were the walls, absent of windows or vents. The roof provided some natural light with thick glass windows.

Other than the foyer no one was allowed to enter this place. Each room was separated by thick concrete walls and only permeable by thick metal doors. Her choice in rooms were rather strange. The Foyer was decorated in a Lavish Far Eastern Style. Yet the current room was bare save some light. Her bedroom though unknown to anyone simply consisted of a Bed, a Closet and a smaller room on the side consisting of a bathing room. A strange life style she had chosen.

One would have expected someone in her powerful position to be residing in a small palace or at the very least a suite but she had chosen a life style meeting the bare minimum in the hunter gatherer sense. A place to sleep, a place to wash. The Foyer had a reason, as Sotaicho she had the duty to grant Audience to some. Yet the middle room was hard to explain and her current activity of standing still, that too had a strange vibe.

Did the Sotaicho even sleep? She stood in the room, eyes closed standing under a beam of sunlight. She looked a bit too dramatic. Standing there in semi darkness with the dust looking like cotton angels in the sunlight. All that was missing was a deep voice to narrate the beginning of an adventure. But that was highly unlikely the entrance to her quarters had been locked and barred.  

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Death waits for none. [Open]
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