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Takashi Fusichou
Takashi Fusichou

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PostSubject: The Next Level   The Next Level I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2014 7:39 am

[OOC: This is for Shunko Trianing (1642 Words)]

The Rokubantai Taicho made his way through the gates of Sereitei, he found himself entering in his division. It was a rather serene environment. The sixth had a great deal of flowers that were planted all around them. There were beautiful gardens and trees all around. Underneath his footing were ceramic tiles, large and square in size. They lead up to the gigantic building that bore the sixth insignia. Entering, Takashi was met with bows and paper work and all that other nonsense. He wondered where his Fukutaicho was but it wasn't something to be concerned with now. Instead, he made his way towards his secretary, Misaki and spoke to her.

"I will be departing to the human world in exactly three days. I will need you to shift the work load to the Fukutaicho and the third seat. In my absence, they will be a joint captain; acting to check one another. For purposes, please make sure that the Fukutaicho works on the Case File I have been looking at.". Misaki nodded towards Takashi as she wrote everything down. "Will that be all sir?". Takashi blinked for a moment and then spoke,"I will be within the Captain's training area. Please make sure to tell others I am not to be disturbed. Thank you Misaki". Misaki gave a warm smile and a 'you're welcome and good luck in the human world!' before allowing him to depart. It was here that Takashi pushed open the doors to the sixth insignia. This was a privatized training area beneath the sixth that Takashi had constructed for himself.

He entered the specialized retina scanner along with the finger print index and voice recognition he got on the heavily fortified room. A moment later, Takashi would enter a very well lit space. This area resembled a humongous training area of which he descended the stairs to. It could only be described as the area of enormous magnitude; a great deal of land. Takashi had so many things that he had placed down here that it was great. This was really the biggest space to train in all of soul society; secret to him of course. In any case, he would walk over towards the fridge. It was time that the shinigami begin his training. Takashi opened the fridge, making sure it was stored full of food. He nodded slightly to himself, closing the fridge. He then took off his shinigami haori and then folded it neatly, setting it to the side. He walked away from the transparent stairs which held the fridge next to it.

Utilizing shunpo, he made his way out nearly 400 meters away. Takashi took in a deep breath as he took off the top part of his robe and set it down. He took some time to collect himself. Takashi knew this would be painful to try again; but it would be useful in the future. No one in soul society had created such a thing as he was about to. It had been a long process for him to create this Kido. He wasn't sure what he'd call it, but he thought "Shunko" would be adequate. To be perfectly honest, he picked the thing that sounded the coolest. He took in a deep breath, meditating and focusing his energy for a while. Takashi had a great many ways of exercising his reaitsu control. He would be able to get it down to a fine needle if he chose, or flare it up. In any case, an hour passed by of him just sitting Indian style.  It was finally time for him to start his training.

Takashi's blue crystal like eyes opened up. He took in a deep breath and exhaled as he stood up. The air was dense around him and it was quite quiet as he focused his Reishi. He began collecting it all along his back.Takashi felt the tension building up as the Reishi collecting. His muscles began to strain, a feeling of pain overcame him. The shinigami pushed through it, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes. His muscles continued to tense until he felt they could constrict no longer. He held out one hand, clutching it into a fist. White lighting like reshi began to encircle his body and began destroying the things around him. Takashi could feel pressure, it was so much pain. He gritted his teeth harder, "UGHHHHHH!", he vocalized some of the pain.  The build up was so strong..too strong almost. His muscles somehow tightened further as the intense Reishi flowed in through his back. The energy began flowing out as he couldn't control the magnitude of the Reaitsu any longer.

It was at that moment that Takashi opened his eyes fully. Takashi's chest thrust forward at the release of energy. The man's eyes were now glowing a white color and he felt the out pour. Takashi's back muscles relaxed as they pushed the reishi through them. He let out a rather loud cry as the reishi began to release fully. Takashi's head lowered as the energy of the kido stabilized further. There was now white lightning that was flowing through Takashi's back. He began to steady his breathing as he held out his hand and relaxed his back. It took a while, but it seemed he had finally got the knack of it. The electrifying energy he felt was unlike anything before. However, it was not easy focusing everything on to one point. He could only keep this up for so long before it dissipated. For now, he would continue to see what this new found power could do. Focusing his energy towards a rock, he found himself pushing his hand forward, augmented how with kido energy. The attack was beyond powerful as it rocked the rock; destroying it completely. Takashi recoiled his fist and inspected the energy that ran through it. He knew that he didn't have much time for this form, but he really did love the power of it.  

The shinigami could feel the greater intensity of power flowing through him. It was now time to test that other ability. The last power allowed him to simply push forward and ignore a great deal of things done to him. Here, he focused on a greater ability than that. He knew he wanted the power to negate a great few things. As such, he would find a way to negate abilities with it. As of the past few months, he found himself shooting small bursts of kido, shunpo-ing to them and negating them. it was rather difficult to get the coordination at first. However, the trick had been learned as to utilizing this ability. However, Takashi knew that he was now more adept at it than before. He would easily force the reishi through his back at any time. This ability was becoming more and more useful as time went on. So he would practice again. Takashi pushed forward, allowing himself to shoot a small amount of energy forward in the form of kido. Utilizing shunpo, he quickly got in front of the attack and pushed out his hand. The energy of his hand was met completely by opposite energy in perfection. This attack, he would name reverse demon, or Hanki. It was an attack that would shake the foundation of kido. Takashi could feel it now though, the energy drain upon him was getting greater. He would focus a bit more, he still had some time left in him. Breathing out, he focused his energy to see the destructive power of this kido augmentation.

Takashi utilized shunpo once more. Now, he was nearly forty feet in the opposite direction. There were metallic dummies that were lined up for the man. Getting in the center of them, he focused his power with the lightning behind him. With it, he made a quick snap jab towards one of the dummies. The attack would rock its head area, causing it to be pushed backwards. His next attack came in the form of a knee; again, it was very powerful. Lastly, Takashi turned to another dummy and pushed his fist forward. Just before he was about to hit though, he felt the energy instantly subside. His eyes widened a bit once again, noticing the power that had left his body. He let out a soft sigh as he looked towards the dummy with an X on its face. He softly hit it before turning and utilizing shunpo once again. Now, he was back to the fridge, he could feel the muscles in his back aching from the session. Pulling out a sandwich, he sat down near the fridge. He also had a juice box that he packed for himself. There was a variety of food here, but Takashi enjoyed his peanut butter sandwich and juice; don't judge, he made Shunko. In any case, he put one hand behind his back and began the healing process. A green glow emitted from his hand and he felt the soreness quickly subsiding; it was good he could heal. Takashi continued this, resting for about a half an hour before he got up again. Shunpoing once more, he found himself yet again to another spot. He held out his hand and closed his eyes once more.

As he did this, energy began to swell up in his back again. However, the camera angle began to slowly fade upwards. When it focused, it would focus on the area from a birds eye view. There was a great number of these indentations of the ground where Takashi had utilized Shunko. The power and magnitude of his shunko rocked the foundation of the ground. From the birds eye view, Takashi could be seen, the white lightning surrounding him again. He was once more training Shunko.
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The Next Level
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