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 Haven Benett

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Haven Bennet

Haven Bennet

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PostSubject: Haven Benett    Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:48 pm

Arrancar Template

Haven Benett

---"Screw you, I'll do what I want!"---

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Haven Bennet
Hollow Aliases: The Hunter of Damnation, and The Purifying Flame
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (appearance)
Birth Date: January 12th
Rank Status: Faccion
Cero Color: Royal Blue
Aspect of Death: Rebirth
Hollow Hole Location: Neck

Appearance: The first thing people tend to notice Haven by is not a feature, but an article of clothing. Haven keeps the lower half of his face covered by a gas mask, black in color the mask has two filters, one on each side of the face. In the center some teeth are drawn on, giving it an intimidating appearance. Haven tends to leave this mask on, keeping his facial features hidden so that no one comes to recognize his face. Only people who are close to him are the ones that see him without the mask, underneath it the man hides rather charming looks. Mysterious and Charming is a way to describe the man. His face has an overall oval shape structure, and his cheekbones are placed relatively high. Haven has a sharp jawline and even though hidden his lips seem to have a charming smirk on them. Having a feint color to them, Havens lips are slightly thinner then average. Pearly teeth come into view, strait and seemingly perfect aside from his canines that are extended to give him a more beast like appearance. Moving onto his eyes which are more of a stand out feature to him, displaying most his expression. His eyes are almond shaped and more deep set. His lash line seems to have a natural darkness around them which only contrasts with his eye color. The hue is a rich deep blue color, not overly bright but traces of both red and purple can be found in random flecks of color in the iris. His gaze is best described as intense and can even be unsettling to some people. His brows are strong and can convey his emotion easily. Haven has facial hair that not many ever see due to his mask, but underneath it he has let his facial hair grow out to remain as a bit of stubble around his jawline. The sharp features and eye shape is more then enough to distinguish that Haven is of a Caucasian orientation, if you want to narrow it down Haven has some German blood in him. His features are masculine and strong yet not overpowering. Everything works together to give him a handsome appearance.

Another thing you might notice about Haven is the marking over his left eye/eyebrow. Being a scar caused by the bullet that killed him the marking had transcended through time with him. Taking a flame like shape tipped with blue it is a symbol of his rebirth.. the scar extends down in a skinny line down his left eye. He also has a blue phoenix tattooed on his right arm along with blue bands around his wrists. Haven's hair is is a dark shade with blue notes in it, think of a midnight sky for example. With the light shining on the strands more of the blue hue seems to pop out. His hair is slightly longer then what it as kept at during his days alive. Not overly long nor too short. Some days his hair hangs down, pieces framing his face rather handsomely. Other days Haven tends to spike or push his hair back, never is it all the way slicked back as some pieces fall down freely, giving a more messy appearance at times. His hair parts more on the left side of his hair, sweeping over to the right. Haven has a hollow hole in an odd place, instead of having one big hole where his heart is, Haven has a small hole in each ear. These simply appear as Gauges which Haven disguises with Medium tapers, it makes him look more punk but more human at the same time.

Haven's skin isn't overly tan per say, but isn't pale either. It lies in the balance where it is touched by the sun to give it a healthy color. His tattoo is placed on his right shoulder blade, along with the espada tattoo Haven has a blue phoenix on his right arm with bands of blue tattooed around his wrists. Being relatively tall Haven's body is conditioned from years of life in Hueco Mundo. A hunter cannot grow weak after all. His muscles are tight and full of power, and are not overly bulky. His core is toned and sculpted, which could make him a lady killer if he wanted to be. His arms are strong with solid biceps to back up that statement. However Haven knows there's a need for balance and leg days, keeping his bulk more evened out and preventing him from having dreaded chicken legs. His thighs are built with more muscle tone then average while his chest is strong but not overly wide, yet adorned with strong pecks and sculpted abs. Over the years in Hueco Mundo Haven's physic has improved. Haven's mask fragments appear along his collar bone compared to his face. Six talon like fragments protrude from under his skin in the form of what appears to be similar to bird claws. Two of these talon like fragments appear under his left eye, smaller in size.

Haven's attire definitely stands out compared to the standard garb Arrancar tend to wear, it's too plain. Keeping the colors mostly white, black and blue Haven sports a white coat with black trim. The sleeves ripped off and the ends frayed and with no shirt worn underneath, leaving his muscles visible to see. The coat remains open, held together with 5 chain links across his chest. Haven wears a pair of white finger-less gloves that have metal plates on the back of his hands that act as guards. On his left shoulder his jacket is adorned with a shoulder piece that also acts as a pocket to store items. Haven's attire as a whole is adorned with various pouches and pockets. Being a hunter he'll carry everything on him that he takes for his journeys. A hunter never goes unprepared. On each arm Haven has straps that each feature a circular compartment to store things. Wearing fitted white pants a total of three belts strap across his waist. Each belt featuring  a bright blue buckles and have pouches strapped to them for more storage. On his thighs are plates of amour, black in color and mismatched in shape. Haven wears steel toed boots that go up to his knees, dark blue in color. With Haven being a pyro he wears his gas mask to filter out pollutants such as smoke when he plays with fire, this is why it seems to be the first thing people notice about him, because he wears it so often. He also carries around his backpack where he could connect fresh oxygen to his mask, the nap sack is also adorned with miscellaneous things such as a compass,  various pockets, connection to his mask, weapons, tools, supplies ect.

Haven's reiatsu manifests itself as flames. However unlike real flames there is no heat to them. Taking a mixture of blue and purple hues the reiatsu will waft around him, the more he releases the bigger and thicker the flame becomes. His voice is more deeper, seeming smooth and almost calming when he talks. However once angry calming is the last thing his voice is. In moments of Rage Haven's voice displays sinister tones that are rather intimidating. Being an arrancar the tones seem to suit his race.


-BEFORE DEATH: Haven was a man born into the upper-class. He carried himself with pride and elegance, in those days he was a gentleman. His hair was more black in his human life, appearing more normal as the blue tinge in his hair wasn't the norm back then. Haven's eyes changed as well. Back then he has eyes that were a rich shade of green, a hue more uncommon then blue eyes, which he retains now in his afterlife. Since Haven was born into the upper-class he wore the finest clothing around; from the best crafted suits to the finest garments. He had servants who catered to his every need in his estate. Despite all the wealth and power Haven had in his life he remained humble. Yet being humble didn't keep him from death.

-HOLLOW: Haven was born into a hollow from a combination of feelings. Regret of not being able to save his fiance from his brother, Anger on how he never even got a chance to fight or defend himself. Sorrow on how he never got to say goodbye to his lover. From all this he was born into a hollow and his mask was formed. His mask protected the naked instinct which was left in him after the loss of his heart, and obscured his original identity and becoming what some would call a monster. For Haven, he took an appearance that was as large as a big beast, being 9 feet tall; but resembled a bird, covered in bone. It was this easily in Haven's hollow life that his soul started to crack. A fragment had been lost and another personality formed around the feeling of aggression, in this time he formed an extra tail. As time passed by and he got stronger with each soul devoured Haven started emitting a flame that was so hot it burned blue. He started be known as the Abolishing Flame/ The Purifying flame, as he burns those who he got close to.

-GILLIAN: The evolution of a Gillian was a big one if anything. Growing to be a few stories tall he kept his bird like appearance. However now his beak was longer compared to before and another tail appeared. He was a phoenix that burned with a blue flame. Normally gillians don't have minds of their owns, but Haven became dominant over the new entity that he was formed with, the evolution giving him the more unique appearance compared to the other gillians normally seen.

-ADJUCHAS: He was a hunter, stronger and smarter. His size upon this evolution decreased while his power increased, being now 10 feet tall and gaining more tails. He was now a 5  tailed phoenix made of bone and adorned with feathers of blue tinged with purple. His flame only grew hotter as his power grew, making it look like what ever his body was consisted of burned away, leaving only a skeleton behind. He's a predator, and a symbol of rebirth. He had yet to retain a humanoid appearance but his strength of will was strong, preventing his mind from being absorbed by the hollows that he consisted of. His flames also prevented him from being devoured by other Adjuchas.
Personality:     To know how life as a hollow changed the man you must understand what he once was like. In his life as a human Haven was a gentleman. He held himself with class and was given all the teachings of a upper class man. Growing up he was taught to speak properly and to carry himself proudly, some of his traits even transcended death and carried onto how he acts now. Haven's personality is an interesting one. Upon becoming a hollow his soul cracked, and those cracks started expanding with each year that passed. Pieces of his soul even started to fragment. Even till this day he feels like a part of him is missing, one that held his patience and perhaps what innocence the man had left. Upon Haven's rebirth as an arrancar his personality has split more, but not enough for each to be considered their own identity. The kicker is when Haven goes to sleep, he awakens with one persona being dominant over the others for that day. The only way another persona can become dominant mid day is in the event of a strong emotional change. He sleeps to awaken anew, and to those that don't know him well the personality changes is somewhat unnoticeable. However to those that have been around Haven you'll notice some contradictions in his actions on a day to day basis. Yet all the persona's work along similar lines yet each have their own quirks centered around an emotion. The major emotions he displays with each persona is displayed below.

   This fragment of Haven's personality centers itself around aggression. When this persona becomes dominant Haven displays a more aggressive nature then he normally does and his cursing becomes more excessive. Because of it he tends to get into more fights then normal, in fact its almost a craving for him. He's more destructive and more likely to cause fires, in fact that's a promise. Everyday this persona is dominant Haven has started a fire and they never are small. If anything Haven is described as excessively violent, yet he wont waste his time with weak opponents unless they are hollows he's hunting. He's more sadistic and in fights will exploit any opening he sees in an opponent. His stubbornness increases as well, meaning its extra hard to sway his decision once hes made up his mind.

   This persona makes Haven more laid back and easy going compared to the other persona. His respect for authority becomes smaller and he's more likely to speak random, rude, or inappropriate things around them with no care in the world. Yet despite his words Haven's less likely to fight in this persona as he's more passive. At times he's nonchalant; unconcerned or too cool to care for some things. However he's easier to talk to and its more likely he'd make friend with this personality, just don't expect him to kiss your ass and try to be your friend though.

   Perhaps his more softer and passionate side. Actually it's the softest he'll get, traits from his human life had transcended death and lived on through this persona. Feelings of empathy and compassion are more likely to be displayed while in this persona, and he is less likely to get himself in a fight. Instead Haven's more likely to break up fights. This is as close to being the human he once was as Haven will ever be again, showing more class and acting more like a gentleman. With this persona his temper doesn't become such a short fuze but this is his least liked persona as it brings back feels of grief from loosing his lover. If he could turn back time and save her he would do it in a heartbeat; but instead he can only think about he would protect and care for her if she was still around.

   This is where the title 'The Hunter of Damnation' stems from. From this persona Haven displays extreme determination. When he sets his mind on something he refuses to let anything get in his way between him and what he wants. He is known to hunt lowly hollows as if they were simple game, and being the hunter that he is Haven will track down his prey even if it goes beyond Hueco Mundo or to the ends of the earth. The stronger the better. With hollows being souls of evil his hunting is seen as a form of a Divine punishment, hence the title 'Hunter of Damnation'. Haven's stubbornness is basically a curse in this persona, as nothing seems to get him to break away from what he wants; he will even break rules if he has to. In combat you'll see how cunning this man really can be. His determination also brings him to learn new techniques quicker then normal.

   This persona along with Blitz is more associated to the nature of a hollow. Haven's flat out audacious in his actions. He doesn't think of others, nor does he think of consequences. In this persona he simple becomes bored far to easily. He'll cause a commotion simply so there is a commotion. The boredom he feels in this persona is so strong and annoying that he'll break things, cause a ruckus, or start fights and leave half way into it because it has become to boring. His acts escalate more and more with each commotion he causes, getting more destructive as the day goes on. Sometimes he toys with people's emotions, such as random women if they throw themselves at him; in the end of leading them on he'll call them out on their slutty ways. He's a smart ass in general but more of a gambler in this persona.

   These are traits Haven displays on a daily basis. However they may either heightened or decreased depending on the persona he displays. When it comes to favors this man has his own code of honor. If he does a favor for someone he expects something to be done in return and vice versa. He speaks his mind, even in situations where his thoughts aren't appropriate or even needed. You can expect this man to break up a serious conversation between allies with some unneeded tidbit that no one knows how to react to afterwards. Sometimes he likes seeing the look of confusion on their faces. Some people would think that Haven is just arrogant, but truth is he doesn't walk around thinking he's better then everyone. In fact you will rarely hear Haven boast, he actually cant stand people talking themselves up. Instead he remains more reserved, letting others figure out how strong he is for themselves.
   When it comes to family the man lost his belief in its values since his rebirth. Having his own brother betrayed him, taking his life shattered it all. Instead Haven doesn't consider those of his bloodline as family. He now chooses who he considers a brother, sister, father, ect. Trusted friends make better family in his eyes now. Its safe to say Haven's a smart ass, sarcasm and all. Not only that but he usually cracks perverted jokes. The man also lacks patience for anything else but hunting, in his hunts he could spend hours upon hours tracking a prey. Haven takes no shame in his enjoyment of pain. Being a masochist he'll have no problem taking hits or being rough in bed, either way his masochism works hand in hand with his fighting style; pain isn't something to be feared. When it comes to finding friends Haven has troubles finding trust. It takes time in order for the man to consider placing his trust in someone and even longer to bring them into his inner circle, few people will be considered family. Overall Haven comes off as an intimidating individual, and with his personas some people don't know how to act around him, as his persona's change daily at random.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability:

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  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
    Cero / Bala
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)

Once Upon A Time


Haven's life as a human was cut short, an act of betray by his own kin.
Haven was born in the mid 1800's in a upperclass family. He was the first born son of Javier and Helena Bennet and shared a brother named Jacob who was a mere year younger. The family had wealth and plenty of land and sold spices, food and furs. They farmed a mixtures of grains, plants and had a variety of livestock and with it all sustained themselves and gave jobs to others. Even for that the family had more wealth then it should of. However Haven grew up around this wealth, how was he to know it was unnatural? Since he was a young boy Haven had looked up to his father. The only parent he could remember was Javier, as Haven's mother Helena did not survive Jacobs childbirth. The two young boys were cared for by housemaids, and the finest teachers were brought in to teach the boys proper speaking, reading and writing. The boys grew up with upperclass luxuries, given fine clothes and the best education money could buy in those times. Haven was pushed into business as he was to be his father successor.

Being the first born son Haven always had to attend social events among the rich. The spotlight was always on him in the community not because of who he was but the status he held. With wealth power was given to you among people, money could buy you so many luxuries. Haven grew up riding horses so he could join the fox hunt once he was older. He has his own race horse which the family would race and bet on along with his own stallion. Since he could ride he accompanied his dad on various hunts. Foxes, big game or bird hunts, regardless of what it was Haven became addicted to the thrill each hunt had. Growing into a teen Haven was among a group of friend of upperclass who did devious deeds. Some would consider them bad apples but these boys were just boys and wanted fun. Some good old fashion breaking stuff fun. The boys would sneak away and do their own hunts, challenging each other on who could get the better game. Through this passion for the hunt Haven's skills on tracking and sharp shooting only expanded

Jacob remained in the shadows, his father had always pushed him towards preparing to join the army like many second born sons do. Since he was born Jacob was never the main attraction, this of course caused jealousy. The envy only grew and grew, on top of everything else Jacob was excluded from Haven's personal group. They were brothers and bonded at home. Yet Haven's free time was consumed by three things, Parties, fights and Claire Stratteli. Haven would get away with so much, but the smallest mistake Jacob made resulted in an uproar. This only enraged him. When it came to parties and sneaking around after dark Haven wouldn't give so much as an invite to his brother. He acted like it was every man for himself so if Jacob wanted to attend events he would have to make his own connections. However unlike Jacob, Haven was growing to be a gentleman with a brash side; He treated people with kindness and swayed from swindling them to benefit his needs. Jacob was a more spoiled rich boy that was obsessed with women of higher class and treated servants like dogs.

In these times men of all classes would attend and watch boxing matches, and a circle among the rich in the area would get together and prove who's tougher. For Haven it started as rich boy games to gain pride. However more wins just boosted Havens ego, soon it would turn into a passion. Games like croquet, archery, boxing, wrestling, and football were popular; but the excitement was the underground boxing. These private matches were held between heirs of many wealthy families; all being young men with a point to prove. They weren't soft sissy's, they strong men and the testosterone fueled boys fought among each other to gain titles and ego points. To add to it all the spectators bet among another on the fights. It was their underground boxing ring. Here you didn't have the rich name behind you, instead you were yourself and graded on your strength and fighting ability. The battles were bloody, and had little rules. It attracted more and more young men of the middle class until it became its own hush hush organization, an exclusive men's club full of booze, prostitutes and fights. An occasional fight wasn't enough, starting at 16 years old Haven did a fight once a month; each opponent being stronger then the last. It was interesting, exciting, and addicting. In a way Haven lead a double life, attending dances, balls and other social events by day; and retreating to the mens clubs fights at dusk.

The two boys couldn't be more different from each other when it came to women. Jacob loved women but the higher class the better, he was picky when it came to a girls beauty, her wealth, or her status; the man was a downright womanizer.
Instead of taking advantage of all the women that threw themselves at him, Haven became disgusted with them. Women were after his looks, charm, and his money; and it didn't matter what class they were born in. The man acted like a proper gentleman but all that would stop once women tried to seduce him, that entrapment didn't phase the man. Sure its all fun and games in the beginning, but when a woman tries to use sex simply to gain a mans wealth it only enrages Haven. From a range of parties to balls Haven had gotten to observe many women, and it doesn't help having a father trying to push you to what he considers a good woman. He seen brats and downright snotty women who barely deserved the title of 'Lady' and he had seen overly fake attention seeking girls. All in all they were boring and you couldn't hold a conversation with most of them because all that was on their minds were fancy laces and dresses. These women started becoming repulsive to him, bringing the man to even toy and mislead them; exploiting their shameful actions for what they really were. Love wasn't something a man talked about, but it was something that had popped up in Haven's mind before. He had been told the right woman would appear from out under his nose, little did he know the truth to those words.

A woman had come into his life, bought by his father and sent to live in the slaves housing. Like many others she would attend to the horses, clean and care for the gardens. Her name was Claire Stratteli. She came into Haven's life like the other servants, being 3 years younger then himself. However she never caught his eye at first. His attention was focused more on the Boxing, and improving himself. Not all of Haven's fights were successful, some nights he would sneak back into the estate covered in bruises and scrapes. The night when he first connected with Rose was when he lost a fight, still bleeding and swollen. With a full mooned sky he crossed her path, awkward at first but in the end she helped him by cleaning him up. That night he got to have a conversation with a woman that didn't revolve around wealth, and on top of that he enjoyed her company.

Being 19 and the Heir to the Bennet family, there was pressure on Haven, something he wanted to escape from when his father hosted a ball in their estate. The ball was held so Haven could find a suitable woman, and his father would introduce the daughters of his business partners to him. However this ball wasn't going to be any different, the same sluts, the judgmental eyes seeking wealth. At least the man had alcohol to null some of these worries, yet he refrained from drinking much that night; the last thing he needed do was get drunk and make an idiotic decision. That ball was on a night with a full moon. women wore their fanciest gowns and the men their most sharpest suits.

The plan was simple. He would drag Claire into the ball, she would be dismissed from her duties for the day as her company would keep him from boredom. He even went to the lengths to purchase a dark red dress for her to wear. His father disagreed initially, so Haven introduced her under a different name, claiming she was from overseas. They were carefree young adults out for a good time and once he looked at her in the gown he picked out every penny spent on it was worth it. He almost couldn't believe it was the same woman he normally snuck out with. now all cleaned up and adorned with laces and classy fabrics; she was a diamond in the ruff that was now refined. Haven had missed the raw beauty she possessed, but his eyes were opened now. Why marry up in class? To keep a good reputation? If women of all classes wanted to marry him for his wealth why couldn't he find someone that deserved to have his wealth shared with? Regardless of their class. With booze passed around and music playing, Haven pulled Claire in to dance. It was the first dance he shared with her along with his first time he had gotten so close to her. She was part of the help, but that didn't stop Haven from carrying out his plan. The two laughed, drank themselves tipsy and feasted. At least with her he could he himself. His father was upset once he saw how his son disobeyed him. Yet his father couldn't ignore what was right before him, a connection; a mutual love. With that he couldn't be mad at his son, he had threw this ball so his son could find a potential wife; and regardless of who it was the night wasn't a waste.

The decision was made, he would be hers. That night ended with the two making their way to their signature spot, blubbering half drunken stories or simple thoughts on life. Their romance blossomed, perhaps something strait out of a fairy tale. Early morning after the ball ended the two shared a bed, having Haven bring her into the estate until sun was high in the sky.

It was soon that Haven had fallen, dead. At this point he was reincarnated into his hollow form. There were many battles that this hollow had to overcome. First, the hunger came in. The hunter set in as haven became a hollow. As he progressed through the ranks, he became a menos. There was a great deal of evolution and growth that happened within Hueco Mndo. It was at this point that he changed. He felt his hunger set in and take a hold of him.  As he ate other hollow, he became a more stable gillian.

Haven continued through the ranks. His hunger grew as he continued to eat. The feasting continued all up until he made his way through to Vasto lorde. The stage previous had been rough however. Haven had to scavage for food.  The bird like creature he was had to pick off random adjuchas. It was a great relief when he became a Vasto Lorde. As he progressed and became stronger, his mask broken to full Arrancar; haven was ready. The man had formed a gas mask like hollow mask that he could open or remove (but not fully detach).

It was soon in a battle with a fellow arrancar that Haven would find his next release. It was the drive not to revert which kept him going. As he was crowded by Vasto Lorde, Haven felt himself slipping. There were too many and his power was so limited. In a final attempt, he pushed himself forward and unleashed his final state.

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You are Fraccoin to?

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Haven Benett
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