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 [WIP] Time To Invent My Way Out Of This -- Exoris Magnolia | 12th Division Lieutenant

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PostSubject: [WIP] Time To Invent My Way Out Of This -- Exoris Magnolia | 12th Division Lieutenant   Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:22 am


837 • Female • 12/25 • The Grand Engineer • Exocore

General Info



Zanpakuto • デジタル夢
Dejitaru Yume • Digital Dreams
ActsLooks  • Story

Extended Info


Can you match up to a mind that conjures dreams so inconsistent? Exoris's personality is quite literally a maddening, intricate...and sometimes misunderstood little conundrum. Views upon most things begin as projects, or experiments, that she must take upon herself to begin tinkering with. With enough tinkering, she can probably make just about anything work right! ...Or that's the general basis, anyways. She's a scientist to the heart, inventing her way out of trouble and pulling off what could be classified as either sheer genius or sheer idiocy. Leave that to the spectators, will you?

Now, with those she knows? Those she can actually spend time with? Those that don't find her, uh..."hobbies", disturbing? Those are the ones that she gives her all for. Trapped between the conceptualizations of Drones and AIs, there is a girl in there...One that's missed people for a long time, at that. And for that, her loyalty and mannerisms around people that have given her a sanctuary to rest near (such as her Taicho -- whom she refers to affectionately as "Boss") are damn near impossible to upturn.

Then we come to the dreaded topic of politics and enemies. This is easy to go about really! She hates the idea of getting into the knitty gritty, and is more than happy to let Boss talk her out of trouble, and is even happier to test her latest inventions on the bad guys!In other words, she's a bit on the wonky, hyper, and goofy side in these retrospects. Only rarely will she get serious in a fight, wearing a metaphorical mask to Jushiro's physical mask to keep up the dreaded "Personas of the 12th Division". Beware!

Now, for anything else? You'll just have to find out on your own.~ Tread lightly around Gotei's Grand Engineer!


Gleaming violet eyes, silky onyx hair that dances along her waist, a gaze often left distant to the near future of her next creation...Exoris is the facade of innocence with a personality to completely contradict it. Her face is near angelic, the concept of a pure, calm girl. She stands at 5'10'', weighing near 133 lbs. with a soft touch to contrast her field of work. She's the 12th Division's "Clockwork Contradiction", a plethora of mad little ideas hidden underneath the sweetest smile.

Her normal attire -- hidden under the traditional Gotei uniform, Exoris takes on a white shirt lined with black in a form somewhat similar to a yukata. Long sleeves able to hide schematics and tools on lie on top of black capris with pockets on the side -- smaller though, still able to hide the small trinkets that she would like. For footwear, she wears black lacquer geta with a violet floral design, boosting her height up by a good three inches as a result whilst maintaining her balance due to the design of them.  


Tick tock.

The Digital Dreams were but a waking glimpse then.

From the moment she was born, she saw it all differently. Numbers and equations rather than games and pictures. That was what Exoris grew up with -- an overdeveloped "formulating" state of mind. From the start of her life, it was like this. Numbers, so many numbers, that it hurt her head the more she looked into things. The more she tried to figure them out. It was a confirmed dysfunction as her parents learned of it, rendering her hidden within her home as she was homeschooled from there on. Too many stimuli harmed her, so it was necessity to keep her away from everyone and everything.

Tick tock.

Time never stopped.

The years she grew up only became worse in their own little ways. Able to formulate a plan to so just about anything she needed, isolation from society and most humans as a whole left her craving another person -- anyone -- to be able to give her the missing piece in all of her formulas.

A friend. Someone by her side.

And for a while, it actually seemed like it might come true. A passing glance through her window one day bewildered the young girl with the sight of a boy that had moved in recently. Unaware of her condition, the young boy went out of his way to say hi and make faces at her -- all an attempt to get that sad look off of her face until she started giggling. This is how they continued to communicate for years, at that. Morse code, hand signs, pictures and words through a fragile glass wall.

His name was Hunter. A year older than her. A prodigy genius for his age. He promised that she'd be able to walk out of her home one day.

Present the eighteen birthday of our girl, Exoris. Again...she'd never been out. Parents away on business, trust in her to not slip out of the house. This was an unfortunate day for her, however. Betwixt her work, a particularly bad conversation between her and Hunter ended with a state of finality that tore at her head and heart: How could she consider herself a human being if she had never even tried to step out into the sun and experience what it was like to breathe in fresh air from the world?

How could she expect to be friends with him if he could only talk to her through a window? He would have to move on eventually, with or without her.

The closest she had to a friend, she watched as he began to leave through his house and stood up from her desk. To go?... Or to stay? What to do, what to make of it...? A poor decision on her health, she chose to run through the house to the front door. Finger fumbling as she tore at the door's locks, Exoris finally opened it and ran out-

To a literal hell.

Before her eyes, her friend stood. Turning around to see her right as her eyes widened. All around her, formulas, conceptualized numbers, equations of how things were as a whole. Too many stimuli for her brain to begin eliminating. Too much to register at once.

Tick tock.

That day, her brain stopped.

With the sudden overload putting her into shock, her brain shut down from not being able to handle all of the information forcing it's way into her head all at once. And in the same instant that she stepped out of the room she'd called home for all her life, she crumbled down to her knees and fell. Nerves ceasing, brain stopping, heart silencing, not even the scream of sirens that would come soon after Hunter had called for an ambulance to take her away. In a literal instance, she was gone from not being able to force her brain to respond and jump the rest of her body.

All for the one thing she had always wanted: a friend.

Tick tock.

The Digital Dreams began that day.

The moment her eyes opened, everything hurt again. But...not as much. She was in a small little shack. A place that was darker, bare, perfect for her health. It was a home of sorts. Had she died and gone to a place where she couldn't be hurt? Who knew...? Upon peeking her head out, she saw those same equations slowly writing in her eyes again as she saw dozens of people walking around a dirt street. Tentatively asking around as the migraine she was so used to persisted, she found where she was.

Rōkungai. The civil district of the Soul Society. She had died and been bought here by a higher being of sorts? Regardless, she began to try her hand at living here. The pains of going out consistently remained, however, limiting her to staying in this little hut of hers that she'd nestled in without troubles. It was quiet. It was a life. It was something that...

Was familiar. Always alone in the end. Hiding away from the sun. Not...human.

Tick tock.

The King arrived, bloody and barren.

The midst of the night, where darkness reigned over and other denizens of this world had gone to sleep...That was when he arrived. The solemn footsteps had her curiosity as a man took step after step through the street -- all until he passed out close to her own little home.

...? Stepping out, the darkness faded away enough details that it wasn't too horrid to be outside, letting her drag the man (with a bit of effort and equations of force) into her little home to see what was wrong. White and black robe, black pants...long white hair matted with blood...and a mask?... A frown fell upon her lips as she looked down and looked for a wound-


Metal?...Interest peaked, she lifted up the man's shirt to notice metal. But...it was dented. Pieces misplaced and disfigured. He was...broken a little? Like a doll, instead of a human. A clockwork piece...something that she could fix, as those numbers and those formulas began again the longer she examined the mechanisms that seemed to keep him from functioning.

It took a day. A day to force herself out, to use her little dysfunction to grab the tools she needed, and to get back into her house and repair him. But she managed to do it without a problem in the time taken. And oh, how that would reward her with a new life. Once he woke up, she would exposed to the very man that guided her to the Soul Society: Izanagi, Captain of the 12th Division.  With thanks given and time taken to speak to her of why she went out of her way to help him... He took her under his wing.

Minutes taken to understand that her head hurt less when she spoke to him.

Days spent helping her accommodate to being outside without too much pain.

Months spent getting her through the Academy training once she showed her desire to stay by his side.

And pride when she came back from her graduation field test bloody and beaten, but smiling all the same.

To this man, she became the lieutenant of. Working her damn hardest to earn the right to keep close.

Tick tock.

The Digital Dreams haven't stopped.

Shunpo (1, 2, 3) • Hakuda (1, 2, 3) • Reiatsu (1, 2, 3) • Zanpakuto (1, 2, 3) • Kido (1, 2, 3)

time never stops
in these digital dreams of mine
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[WIP] Time To Invent My Way Out Of This -- Exoris Magnolia | 12th Division Lieutenant
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